New applicants – please fill out the online application and submit. Current members – please complete the online application yearly when you pay your dues to help us keep our records up-to-date. For a printable application to mail in please email Thank you! If you would like to pay your dues via PayPal please visit our Membership Dues page.

Eligibility Details:

There shall be three types of memberships open to all persons who are in good standing with the American Kennel Club and who subscribe to the purposes of the club.

(a) Regular Membership shall be open to all persons eighteen years of age and older

(b) Junior Membership shall be open to all persons under eighteen years of age. This type of membership carries no voting privileges.

(c) Associate Membership shall be open to all persons eighteen years of age and older. This type of membership carries no voting privileges.

An Honorary Lifetime Membership to be awarded to members at the discretion of the Board of Directors. This type of membership includes all Club privileges except holding elective offices.


Membership dues shall be a maximum of $25.00 for a single membership per year and $25.00 maximum for a family membership per year, payable on or before the first day of September each year. In July, the Board of Directors will submit a schedule of fees for the following year’s dues to be voted on by the membership. For 2020, the rates were set at $20.00 for a single/individual membership, and $25.00 for a family membership.

Election to Membership:

Each applicant for membership shall apply on a form as approved by the Board of Directors and which shall provide that the applicant agrees to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws and the rules of the American Kennel Club. The applicants shall state the name, address and occupation of the applicant. Accompanying the application, the prospective members shall submit dues payment for the current year.

All applications are to be filed with the Secretary and each application is to be read at the first meeting of the Club following its receipt. At the next Club meeting the application will be voted upon and affirmative votes of three-fourths of the members present and voting at the meeting shall be required to elect the applicant.

Applicants for membership who have been rejected by the Club may not re-apply within 12 months after such rejection.

Termination of Membership:

Memberships may be terminated:

(a) by resignation.

(b) by lapsing. A membership will be considered as lapsed and automatically terminated if such member’s dues remain unpaid 90 days after the first day of the fiscal year; however, the Board may grant an additional 90 days of grace to such delinquent members in meritorious cases. In no case may a person be entitled to vote at any Club meeting whose dues are unpaid as of the date of the meeting.

(c) by expulsion. (let’s not go there :-))