June Specialty Shows and Sweepstakes 2015

The GMSPBHC will be holding two specialty shows and sweeps on the same day this year.

Friday, June 5, 2015 join us for the Spring Specialty and Sweepstakes held at the Scott County Fair Grounds in Jordan, Minnesota.

Please join us to support our club members and friends who will be competing in conformation, obedience and rally trials. We can always use volunteers to help with the buffet lunch and the raffle. Donations to both are always appreciated!You are guaranteed to see some amazing bassets!

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Obedience begins at 9:00 AM.
The anticipated schedule for the day is:

8:30 AM Obedience/Rally
10:30 AM Specialty Show #1
Buffet Potluck Lunch/Raffle
1:00 Sweepstakes
Specialty Show #2 follows Sweeps

Show site address:
7151 W 190th St, Jordan, MN 55352

There will be road works in Jordan at the junction of Hwy 169 and Cty Rd 9 where we turn off for the fairgrounds.  One now turns off a bit earlier and follows the service road to Cty Rd 9.  It should be marked.  Coming back, one can’t turn left from Cty Rd 9 onto Hwy 169.  Instead, turn left onto Cty Rd. 9 and follow it all the way to Hwy 212 tand hen turn right to I494.  Along the way, you will cross a river and Cty Rd 9 becomes Cty Rd 11.