Online Woofle Starts Wednesday

This Woofle is to help the club with the expenses of our Specialty Show in June.  As a member club of the BCHA, each club must sponsor at least one Specialty per year.    As with everything else these days, holding the Specialty has gotten much more expensive.    Adding to that, this year, we are holding two separate shows in the one day.  In doing this, we hope to draw a greater entry from out of state.

The funds raised will go toward judges’  fees and prizes.  The people who judge in the dog show world are a dedicated group.  They do not expect to make a profit for judging, but they do need to have theirexpenses covered.  We know what airfares are these days!

We are offering some choice Basset Crap in this Woofle.  For each $1 you offer to the GMSPBHC to support the specialty shows you will get one ticket for the item of your choice. We have a basset theme quilt;  a rare Michael Simon black sweater with beaded basset, size medium;  a beautiful hand crocheted throw, and a package for the basset-loving little girl, a pink Land’s End basset  T-shirt and a sweet plush Basset hound.

The Woofle will start on February 1st and we will draw the winning tickets at our Valentine’s Days Party on February 12th.