Basset Jam – June 23, 2011/Thursday

This year’s Jam: THURSDAY, JUNE 23th, 2011
Time: Pre-Party starts at 4:00pm; Parade starts at 6:30pm!
Registration info below.

15th Street in Oakdale, MN 55128 Contact: Mike Pfeifer @ 651-773-8946


Dear Waddlers,

Once again, our beloved Basset Hounds will descend upon the sacred streets of Oakdale, Minnesota for the annual “Basset Jamboree” on Thursday, June 23th, 2011 at 6:30pm as part of Oakdale’s Summerfest Grande Parade. The Basset Jam will feature around 100 Basset buddies waddling, er, dashing down 10 blocks of Oakdale’s world famous 15th Street! Along the way, our short-legged friends will strut, sniff, and greet throngs of onlookers with baleful arrroooos!

Basset Jam is a free event. This year though, we are asking for a $5 – $10 donation, in order to help the club cover expenses. You’re help is greatly appreciated. All donations will be split 50/50 with Basset Buddies Rescue, and go to help with the continued efforts of both groups.

The Basset Jam pre-staging area is at the Transfiguration Church (corner of Century Ave. & 15th Street). Check-In will happen at the church between 4pm and 6pm. Come earlier if possible! The parade route will start at 15th St. & Century Ave. and end up at City Hall (15th St. N & Handley Ave. N.). The weather has been nice the last few years, but it might be HOT, so please bring water! There will be a “pooped-pup” pickup truck to assist those dogs that are not able to complete the route or to keep up with the (already) slow pace.

Please be advised that traffic is gridlocked that evening due to the closure of 15th Street from 5pm to 8pm. Please do not attempt to drive down 15th St.

PARKING will be available to the south of the Transfiguration Church (15th St. & Century Ave.) on streets and in the professional building parking lots near 12th, 13th, and 14th streets. We highly recommend that you park on 12th, 13th, and 14th Streets. There is no parking or drop off in the church parking lot. Please, do not enter 15th Street heading east from Century Ave., as this street will be closed. A good place to park is at the Transfiguration Schook parking lot which is 1 block west of the church! Plenty of parking on streets will also be available just to the west of Century Ave.

Directions to our pre-staging area at the Transfiguration Church: Drive to the eastern suburb of Oakdale via 694, 494, or 94. From 694: take exit 55 which is highway 5 and go west to Century Ave (Hwy 120). Go south on Century a few blocks until you come to 15th Street. From 94: take Century Ave north until you near the pre-staging area on 15th Street.

The Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Basset Hound Club is a member of The Basset Hound Club of America.
Call Mike or Lori Pfeifer at 651-773-8946 evening, 612-330-9216 daytime, for more Basset Jam information. or
Please  download a printable version of the Basset Jam 2011 registration. Mailing directions included on the form!2011 Basset Jam Registration Form